Interlock Ignition


ignition interlock devices

Fresno Powersports is the Central Valley leader in court ordered IID Ignition Interlock device installation and servicing. Rather than having a stereo installation shop or body shop modify the electrical system of your car’s ignition system our technicians are trained in complex electrical modifications and diagnosis ensuring you don’t have any problems with your installation and more importantly returning your car back to normal after you complete your program.

Ignition Interlock is not just a side business for us, we have a whole team dedicated to it to ensure your satisfaction. We not only get you in and out quickly, but more importantly, treat you with dignity and respect.

We offer:

  • Same day installations (when available).
  • Comfortable Waiting Room.
  • Convenient hours.
  • Mobile installation and calibration services (extra cost).
  • Easy parking.
  • Convenient drop off and pick up.
  • Accept cash and all credit and debit cards.
  • Great central location within 10 minutes to most of Fresno and Clovis.

We currently install and service most of the major brands including SkyFine USA, Intoxalock, Low Cost Interlock and Smart Start.

Once you have your approval to install your Ignition Interlock Device and have chosen a company, call us today to get your IID installed and get you back on the road fast!